Thursday, July 19, 2007

barre, mass is the coolest beans

well we made it back to athens!
the tour was wonky this time around and turned into more of a road trip with half of our shows not actually happening.
that was kind of stinky, but it was still a fun time out.
got to visit home for a day and see some neat places.
barre, mass rocks harder than any town anywhere.
quimby's book store in chicago is the coolest store ever.
if you live near it, go there!
i'll be hanging out in athens over the weekend.
this awesome coffee shop called hot corner is letting me play tomorrow and saturday so that will be good times.
come if you can!
sunday i am heading down to florida to visit my grandparents since i'm only a days drive away.
eventually i will make my way back to virginia beach.
if you ordered any comics recently, it may be another week or so before i can get them in the mail to you, just cuz most of my books are at home in vabeach.
but no worries!
grab this month's nickelodeon magazine - its got harry potter on the cover - there's a jolly rogers comic of mine in there!
also, some new journals are up.

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