Monday, July 9, 2007

road trippin it

hey so i've been on the road a while.
went up to nyc and connecticut.
stopped in philly for a bit.
now i am in athens, georgia, getting ready to head off on another seamonster tour.
should be good fun.
check out to get dates/locations - and def come hang out at a show if you can! i've got cds, t-shirts, comics with me too.
i uploaded some of the newest journals.
the stinky part is i forgot my old sketchbook at home, and it has the strips for the end of june/beginning of july, so those comics won't be up for a few weeks.
bummer, i know.
i can tell you the july 4th comic is about how sad transformers made me.
michael bay should not be allowed near, well, anything.
well, here are a few illustrations i did for the coolest music site around, which is
love love love that there site.
i'm not sure how often i'll be able to log on, so for now i wish you a most wonderful week!

1 comment:

Matt said...

todd, i heard that you didn't like the new transformers movie. is that because were you a big fan of the original series? did you go to the theater in a homemade soundwave costume?

i just saw the 1986 animated movie for the first time and have decided to be temporarily obsessed with it.

i liked the new one, but only in spite of itself. it was fun, but obviously not great.

i would love to see you do a quick journal-style doodle of some of the characters.

whether the movie was any good or not, though, i would love to be best friends with the mountain dew machine. he was my favorite character. i'm hoping for a spinoff.

anyhow, have fun on tour, and i'll see you around at B&N.