Friday, August 10, 2007

home again

finally got around to scanning the journals.
the rest of june and july are now up, along with august, in the archives.
since getting home i have been trying to decide what book to work on next, and getting ready for the big seamonster tour of north america this fall.
i will be posting some new stuff for sale on the site soon, to raise up some travel money, as the tour is two full months. i'm excited about it though.
i hope you all have been having a wonderful summer!
more updates soon.


matt! said...

rock on. i got in the comic again.

finally saw hot rod this weekend, too. sweet.

thanks for the updates!

girl erin said...

ok, two things stuck out to me from your newly updated journal comics:

1) you would probably be married now if you had a college degree. ouch! for real, tood. ow! i cried a little after reading that one.

2) the gaffney peach!! i drive past "the big butt" at least every other week. :)

and finally...definitely let me know if you're going to be in the area on your next tour. i'm staying at the rents' house temporarily, so you'll at least be fed a hot meal.

Anonymous said...

todd. i realize it may be out of your powers to do so... but if your tourmates have a meeting and Lincoln, NE is discussed interupt and say, "hey i have a very big fan there and im sure he could convince all of his friends to come to a show and just throw money and baked goods at us."

todd! said...

anonymous - i believe an omaha show is planned for tuesday september 25th, though i am not sure of the venue yet. you should come to that for the baked goods and money throwing :-)
erin - odds are i'll be passing through your area around the tail end of october on my way home - i will def give you a call!
matt - as always, it was great fun to see ya. glad you dug hot rod. hope we can hang out once more before i depart!
i should have new comics up sometime soon, as well as the seamonster album (and hopefully an updated seamonster website to boot.)