Friday, February 23, 2007

nick mag

i've got eight little comics called the woodlands in this month's nickelodeon magazine - nab a copy at your local grocer.


Matt said...

hey todd, i picked up the magazine yesterday. congrats. i also really enjoyed that rejected page you posted a few weeks ago.

do they ask you specifically to make strips that will fit across the bottom of the pages like that or is it a surprise when it's printed? i'm curious how they decide who gets what space and how involved they allow the artist to be.

anyway, keep up the good work. and hey, let us know if you're gonna be up at volume again.

cara sister webb said...

that's some sweet action todd brother webb!

todd! said...

thanks matt
those comics were designed to be ran in the margins like that.
i've got a few shows in town this month at relative theory and the boot - check out the seamonster myspace page for info

Cory said...

hey Todd,

i saw the comic strips. really funny. good job, hey, just wondering, can you get me a copy of the comic strips?