Sunday, February 18, 2007

casual poet mini collections

i just finished designing covers for four mini collections of casual poet that will be coming out soon in the same special format as the hardly boys. each book will be 48 pages in full color. these here be the front covers.


Ted said...

coolness! how can we get 'em?

Matt said...

i need these. i need these.

todd! said...

i'll be selling them on the site when they're back from the printers. probably in about a month or so.

Aaron Smith said...

Awesome! I totally have to get these! Do you have any idea how much you might be selling them for?

ted said...

thanks todd! I'll be on the lookout.

odd question: what tools to do you use to do your comics? I'm betting photoshop for the color, but do you use brush pens or something else?

todd! said...

im not sure what the price of these will be just yet, though im sure they wont be too expensive. odds are i'll most likely have some kind of bundle pack deal for them too, for people who want all of them.

i ink my comics with the pitt artist pen by faber-castell, and the new journal scribbles are done with le pen by marvy japan. the pitt pens are awesome.

also of note: im currently on tour, so if i don't get to update the site for a few days thats why. but im hoping to encounter wi-fi along the way to be able to keep up :-) new comics will get dumped right into the archive, with the latest on the home page.

hope everyone's week is going great!