Monday, August 31, 2009

a lost list recovered

often when walking around town, i discover odds and ends and discarded papers.
sometimes i find something that i am compelled to hang on to for a while for some unknown reason.
i think sometimes forgotten items have some disguised aesthetic value which appeals to me.
when she was very little, my sister cara used to pick up those yellow plastic bands which sometimes are wrapped around heavy packages.
everyone would say "put that down! it is garbage!"
cara would say "i found treasure!"
sometime last summer, ashley and i were leaving a grocery store when i found this list on the ground in the parking lot.
i stuck it in my pocket thinking "maybe i'll scan this and put it on my blog."
a full year later, unpacking in my newly rented room, and in the bottom of a box of oddities here again is the very same scrap of paper.

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