Friday, December 12, 2008

depth transmissions

some seamonster news.
signed to a nifty label called gold robot records.
its a swell match, since i am in love with all things robot.
they specialize in limited edition vinyl, so something along those lines will be in the works.
also going to do a digital release of the ascension of archibald balloonhead to itunes and the like real soonish.
also, i have been working hard on redesigning the seamonster website, and it is almost all up and running.
i am making an effort to integrate toddbot and seamonster into one another, yet still have each site maintain its own personality.
anywho, hoping to finish off some new recordings i started a ways back and get some of them into the world in the coming year, along with some new comics.
and speaking of music and comics, i may have a one page story in the upcoming anthology "side b" - a book focusing on art and music in the life of cartoonists.
below are two panels from my untitled submsission.
also, don't forget i have some art for sale on etsy!

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