Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i have been in the midst of moving from virginia beach to norfolk, and then in august i will be moving from norfolk down to athens, georgia.
the place i am at in norfolk currently does not have internet access, so i do not know when i will next be able to update toddbot.com, but hopefully it will be soon. need to get a new comic up there...
here is a journal entry from the diary of franz kafka i came across while boxing up some books last week. i relate to it. i like it.

"the special nature of my inspiration in which i, the most fortunate and unfortunate of men, now go to sleep at 2 a.m., is such that i can do everything, and not only what is directed to a definite piece of work. when i arbitrarily write a single sentence, for instance, "he looked out of the window," it already has perfection."

also, i have some "fat cat" comics in this month's nickelodeon magazine - the one with indiana jones on the cover

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erin said...

todd! you're finally going to make the move to athens, eh? well, i hope you know that you're welcome to come by on your way down for a home cooked meal.

for reals. my mom loves you.