Thursday, March 27, 2008

snowball fight

i was combing through some old image files and came across a batch of freelance stuff i did last year that i'd forgotten about.
this little drawing is one of a hundred or so from that folder, and for whatever reason i just felt like posting it here haha
posted two new theme comics the other day, more to come.
in my mind i have an idea of a larger puzzle of which the 100 themes are tiny pieces...
a few days ago i worked on a new instrumental music track for the movie "luke and brie are on a first date" which a friend of mine directed. currently the film sports two seamonster songs in the soundtrack, and i was asked to score a scene as well. i've really enjoyed the challenge of making sounds to serve the mood of the pictures.
also this week i finally got to start proper artwork for a children's book my manager sent me to work on... i'm not sure if i can post anything yet or not. i didn't write the story, and i don't know if it will end up published or not, but i like the script and have been having fun with the drawings.
also maybe two weeks or so ago, i got to see "dan in real life" and really really liked it a lot. if you haven't yet seen it, rent it!
time for me to get some sleep.


Jamie Cosley said...

"Dan in Real Life" is excellent!!! I really loved that movie, too.

Eric Merced said...

Keep that art coming. It's always a thrill to see your work :)

Cara said...

lovin the newer old stuff! haha, i also bought dan in real life, such fun. does this book you're illustrating for pay, regardless if it goes to print? i hope that manager works wonders for ya!

Anonymous said...

Yah for "Dan In Real Life"
and Yah for your you and them