Saturday, October 13, 2007

art for sale!

heya folks!
new journals should be posted real soon.

the tour has been tons of fun, but we are in serious need of some gas money to aid our long journey home, so i have decided to sell some arty artsish art and the like.
for the low low price of twenty dollars (postage paid), you can now purchase any of my journal strips from the year 2007, lovingly re-drawn with fancy ink on hand-cut 4 x 4 inch illustration board!

just email me the date you would like and i'll draw it up. here are a few that i have on hand at the moment.

to purchase, simply paypal $20.00 to the following email address:

or (if you can't do paypal) feel free to order through snail mail:
todd webb
5405 sunnywood drive
virginia beach, va 23455

thanks so much for your support!

1 comment:

cara said...

uuuuuuuh, NOBODY should order the one about me being dumb. NOBODY.