Monday, June 18, 2007

new face

new journals are up.
the amazing music website will begin running some older casual poet strips on their download pages sometime in the near future.
i am talking with a daily paper here in virginia beach about running some form of casual poet regularly as well, which would be really neat.
the seamonster record is pretty close to being finished as far as the recording goes... i'm excited about that.
for those of you in the new york area, i will be at the mocca arts festival on saturday and sunday (the 23rd/24th of june) with a bunch of new comics and stuff - and on the 27th i'm playing at the laila lounge in brooklyn at nine. it's a free show so if you're in the area, come on and hang out!
i think i'll be doing another stint of seamonster touring in july as well. more on that later though.
for now, here is a sketchbook scribble from when i was on vacation.
love ya!


Matt said...

sweet deal! appearances in two consecutive cartoon journal entries. woo hoo!

it would be really cool to see your daily strip see daily print, too. so, good luck with that and good luck with your trip.

Craigerator said...

crab's contain great wisdom...