Thursday, May 24, 2007

scribbleydoo and a break

i'm off to florida for about a week to visit family - i may or may not be able to update the site down there. if not, rest assured i'll get on it as soon as i am back home. many many thanks to those of you who have been ordering tuesday moon! i hope you enjoy it :-)
here is a rejected t-shirt idea for the bible camp i used to attend as a wee lad (too cute i suppose)!


Matt said...

controversial issue!

todd, how do you feel about jerry falwell's death?

Cara said...

he rejected it because he wants realism...or something he thinks teens are gonna buy up, to jeremy that prolly screams junior weeks. i think it's awesome though, i love the scripture on the armor idea, veeeeeeery clever. throw some more ideas at me in FL we'll brainstorm.

todd! said...

as when anyone passes, i feel sadness for those who knew the person.
i do not agree with making christianity a political force.
i do however, like bunnies.
and yes cara i now know he wanted realism - he didnt say that initially, and since i am a cartoonist, i went with a cartoon. jer sent me an idea of exactly what he wants so when i get home, i'll whip that up.
though it won't be as appealing as the armor bunny haha

jamie cosley said...

That lil' bunny rocks! Call me when ya get back and let's do a show or something!!

Matt said...

good answer!

also, i would vote for your armor bunny, too, if given the chance.

also, i got to read "tuesday moon" this weekend, and surprise, it was great.
hooray for color printing!

Anonymous said...

I love this little bunny and his message...can I use it to make some handmade cards?
U know who!!