Monday, May 28, 2007


in florida, sunburnt, and adventuring.
here's a scribble from this afternoon.
new journals are up!


Matt said...

dear todd,

please make a sci-fi comic.

thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

i really like this one it brings out the seaness in you:)hope you have a good time with your family..bye

Anonymous said...

iam useing this as talk central:) just wanted to tell you that you're a good guy and great things are waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

travis has a blog now. he doooooo.

todd! said...

hey matt!
does a comic about a robot with over-due library books count as sci-fi? cuz if so, then that exists as a minicomic haha...
thanks "anonymous!" :-)
travis, you're such a bandwagon jumper-onner hahah (see you at moccaaaah!)

Anonymous said...

your welcome ;)