Wednesday, April 11, 2007

tuesday moon

sorry for the delayed updates of the journals. they're all caught up now in the archives. tuesday moon has moved to the front of my "things to work on" list, as a small run of it will be printed in may (96 pages full color!). so this past weekend was spent finalizing the script, monday was figuring out what tuesday's house/bedroom looked like, and yesterday (tuesday, appropriately enough) i began thumbnails. i am up to page 68 right now, and the plan is to begin penciling the book tomorrow morning. just to keep things semi-interesting over here in the blog, here are some sketches and a few of those thumbnail roughs. happy day!


Anonymous said...

so loverly and fun TODD!

Jeremy said...

todd. you draw like i want to live.

cara said...

so i love the daily comic of your facial hair fun and ha ha ha-ing. it makes me smile. congrads on the nearly finished tuesday moon!