Monday, March 26, 2007

just a bit of newsage

wanted to make sure everyone knows i'm selling framed original drawings for only ten bucks - check out the main page of to snag one! the drawing can be of any character of mine (casual poet and friends, the goldfish and bob, brewster the robot, kat, doug, flip, chip, kitty, or gibbard from another bum kick, the hardly boys, the stockboy, one of my monsters, etc) or even a cartooned version of yourself if you provide a picture. i'm not sure how long i'll be doing this, so if you or someone you know wants one, get it soon!

also, i have been working really hard on the script for tuesday moon, and while it still needs to be expanded a good bit, i believe it is getting really close to the point where i can start drawing it. i'm very excited about this book! work also slowly continues on another bum kick...


Matt said...

todd, i could be into this. my lady and i will soon have a new apartment to decorate.

this post also makes me curious; what happens to the original pages once your comics are published/ digitized? do you retain them? do you ever sell them? have you considered doing so?

either way, i could be in the market for some todd art in the near future.

p.s. keep up the good work. i check your comic and blog every day at work, so just because i don't post doesn't mean i'm not here.

todd! said...

hey matt!
how ya been?
i generally keep the art for my comics - the journal pages i never sell - but some of the art from older books of mine has and can be sold if anyone is interested, but that'd be a good deal more expensive than buying a sketch.
hope your weekend rules!

Matt said...

hey todd,

laura gave me the bookworm sketch. it rules. it will have a prominent position on the mantle or on a mantle-like surface of my new place, for sure. and i'm very happy about that.

thanks, partner.

Matt said...
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