Saturday, February 3, 2007

finished decemberists poster


matt h. said...

todd! i am in enthusiastic favor of blogs! most especially when accompanied by sketches! comic strips with special features MUST become popular if i am to succeed in the office environment.

also! your journal updates have been noticed and appreciated. i see that your style has changed recently. though i generally fear change, i approve of this! was this change an experiment or an evolutionary step?

also! you can sing! tell your friends! songs with names like "little red airplanes" make me happy to be alive.

also! reading several of your comic strips in a row makes people want to use exclamation points!!

-matt h.

todd! said...

hey matt!
thank you for your comment!
my style hasn't really changed, just the look of the journal has.
instead of laboring over it like i did in the past, i now just jot it down right in ink in my sketchbook.
it saves me a lot of time and allows me to focus on the projects that i was previously unable to focus on because of the amount of time spent on the journal - which, to me, is just a side project.
the way the journal looks now is basically what my pencil art looks like for my other comics before they are cleaned up in the inking stage :-)
glad you like the show!
i'll actually be playing twice around town this week - thursday at the borja cafe, and friday at the boot in norfolk. come hang out if ya can!

Cara said...

ooooo me likey